Become a Member

Membership in the CAAK is available by either Regular Membership or an Associate Membership. Membership is non-transferable and non-assignable. Annual dues shall be paid by each regular and associate member on or before January 1 of each year.

Regular Membership

To qualify for Regular Membership, an individual must be licensed to practice law in the state of Kansas and be either a full or part-time city attorney, deputy city attorney, assistant city attorney, municipal court prosecutor, or other similarly designated position, by appointment, contract or hire, on a more or less regular basis by any first, second or third class city that also has membership in the Kansas League of Municipalities. Regular Membership entitles the individual to full voting privileges in the CAAK provided the membership dues, and fees for attendance at annual and mid-year membership meetings of the full membership, are fully paid.

Associate Membership

Any attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Kansas who has a substantial interest in municipal law may become an associate member of the CAAK upon approval of the CAAK Board of Directors. Such membership must be consistent with the purposes of the CAAK. Associate members are not granted any voting privileges.

For information about membership, including the amount of applicable dues and fees, please contact:

Executive Secretary, CAAK and Legal Counsel for the League
Phone: (785) 354-9565

International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA)

CAAK and IMLA have joined forces to permit any small Kansas municipality (with a population under 2,500) whose legal counsel is an CAAK member to join IMLA in a special membership category called “IMLA LITE”.

IMLA "Lite" for Kansas

2016 IMLA "Lite" Brochure

2016 IMLA "Lite" Application